Our ideals

Our vision is to provide our customers with a bag of chips with emphasis on taste, premium quality and the philosophy on sustainability and local resources.


We at Føroya Kips wish to give to our community and faroese produced products. Therefore we offer you the opportunity to visit our production facility and create your own chips and your own flavour. We see this as an opportunity to connect with our customers and provide you with a fun experience. This could be well-suited for birthdays and other memorable days – or just to try something different.


Our production is local. We have our own greenhouse with taste and spices and potatoes from Sandoy. Therefore, our product is of the best quality, sustainable og local – Faroese. These values are the cornerstones in all our affairs.

Why chips?

We believe that the time has come for anyone to be able to board a faroese plane, order a faroese beer and a Faroese bag of chips. We know that products made in the Faroe Island are of excellent quality, and chips has become a prominent feature of most evening meals or get-together. We should not have to import chips to the Faroe Islands. We have everything we need to produce it ourselves. There is a lot of talk of sustainability, and potatoes are at the centre of the Faroese food culture – then why not Faroese chips? We provide a high-quality product and competitive prices.

Who will eat Føroysk Kips?

All of us – you and me, old and young, your grandmother, your father, little brother, the worker, the athlete, the student, the sailor, the lumberjack, the cleaning lady – everyone. Most of all, we who buy faroese products and are proud to say that we are eating faroese chips. We are present everywhere, so no matter where you reside, you will have the opportunity to buy faroese chips. The Faroese bag of chips is ours – and yours. All tourists will have the opportunity to try out this amazing North Atlantic product.